In case you were wondering...


I have had a passion for art and beauty for as long as I can remember. While growing up, I spent my time exploring and finding ways to contribute to the beauty in this world. My first love is the fine arts (painting and sculpture) and my education is in graphic design. Over the past few years I have grown into a photographer, translating the foundational principals of color theory and composition in pursuit of the perfect photograph.

I absolutely love capturing moments in peoples lives. Specifically, candid moments of raw emotion. Whether it is the embrace and laughter of a couple on their big day or a family exuding the joy of just being together, these moments are beautiful.

A big part of me is creating community and building friendships. Sharing life with these people makes me truly happy. I also have a deep passion for cycling and commute by bicycle year-round. I love the way it keeps me connected to my neighborhood and surroundings.