Rainy Day With Greta

Greta and I like to make the most of rainy days, so when the weather is on the damp side we grab our umbrellas and rain boots and head out in search of puddles to jump in.  A few days ago I decided to take my camera along and capture some of these moments. I think I am getting a little sentimental lately about the time I get to hang out with my daughter. 

For the past 5 years I have been a “stay at home Dad”, along with a  full-time (online) college student, and part-time media freelancer. I often had, in my opinion, the cutest little blonde haired photo assistant tagging along on my photo shoots. Lately I have been aware that this season of my life is quickly drawing to a close. I am now finished with school, Mandy will be home with Greta this summer and then she will be off to all day kindergarten in the the fall, and I am ramping up to full-time work, staying busy with The Wedding Format and Des Moines Freelancer (working with the amazing Dave Poyzer).  

All that to say, I can’t promise this blog won’t feature photos of my daughter as I reflect on the privilege I have had to spend so many days with this marvelous little girl.