Greta's First camping trip

The idea of camping came to Greta and I this winter as we watched episodes of a fishing show that I do some filming for. She had lots of questions, and became excited as we began to dram about our summer camping trip! As the far planned out date approached work and life got busy, the weather got crazy hot, and patience were running thin. The excitement and eagerness still grew. I new that it was going to be special. I knew that these had the potential to be fond lifetime memories.

Then I started to get nervous.
What if something bad happened? 
What if Greta doesn't have fun?

My anxiousness grew until the car ride out. I told Greta about how I was scared she wouldn't have any fun. She quickly confessed she was also nervous. We had a moment, and we assured each other that we were going to have a great time! It was then that I knew this trip was really important to the both of us, and the stress melted away slowly. 

We were off! With one last stop to Target for the rest of our camping supplies.

Once we picked out the perfect camping spot. "We" set up everything in the blazing sun.