Schifsky's Maternity Portraits

It was such an honor to capture these beautiful moments in this amazing young family's life. I have known Timmy and Kelly for a few years now, and actually photographed them separately in the past. Timmy has graciously acted in some of my video projects. I worked with Kelly on a fashion blog. While those were fun projects, this was by far my favorite. It's photo shoots like these that give me the passion for photography. I feel so privileged to know this sweet couple and to give them photos of this moment in their lives that they'll never forget. Kelly's desire for this shoot was to freeze a memory - the memory of their pregnancy journey before having their first son. Kelly is on the verge of having this baby right now, and my excitement overflows for them. I'm so glad I was able to be a part of this moment in their lives and to snap some shots to save it forever for them.