Joseph Leaming

Nella Thomas - Album Release

Nella and I met when my daughter Greta started elementary school two years ago. Greta came home from school one day and went on and on about Ms. Thomas, her music teacher. I’ve always known Greta loved music, but her connection to Ms. Thomas went beyond that. When I met Nella (Ms. Thomas to Greta) we saw immediately why Greta loved her - Nella is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.

We volunteer at the school a lot - so I had chatted with Nella on occasion in that setting. One night, we ran into each other downtown and discovered we had some mutual friends. She shared that she was recording an album and I expressed interest in hearing it, so I was able to have an early listen to the album. I really connected to it. I love the way the album grows and you feel as though you are taking a walk through "Yonder Woods" from song 1 to song 7. The stories behind the songs are very meaningful too.

Later, Nella reached out to me to do the photos for her album cover. I was honored and stoked! My First Album cover!!

I had a blast on this shoot! I could sense her excitement and energy, and it was infectious. Nella had a ton of energy, running around and spinning! It was pure joy in each shot.

So today is the day! You can order your album NOW!! 

Yonder Woods
Nella Thomas

Here are some of my faves from that day!